Serena’s Special Day

I had an amazing day yesterday.  Although he usually is at home on Thursdays, my four-year-old went to daycare because of a special event.  I decided to take my infant in too and have a girls-only day with my two-year-old, Serena.  It was a girls-only treat – “Serena’s Special Day” – and it was a blast! 

Serena is a gentle, sweet soul, who is very independent and happy to play on her own.  She’s the classic second child who idolizes her big brother and lets him call the shots most of the time.  She’ll speak up (scream) for herself when there is a major issue, but in general she is calm and unassuming.  To be the star of the show for a whole day was unsettling, unfamiliar, and thrilling for her.  

We started the day with a little shopping at Target and Kohls, then headed to a brand-new community center in our area for some indoor swimming.  The pool has water fountains and a slide for preschooler-size kids, and we had a great time going down the slide and pretending to be mermaids and sharks.  After that we had lunch with Daddy, followed by her nap.  Then we read books in my bed and watched a video before going to pick up her brothers at daycare. 

It was so much fun – for both of us, I think.  Serena got some attention that she didn’t even know she was missing.  She loved the activities and the undistracted one-on-one time with me.  She isn’t very articulate about her feelings yet, but she seemed very happy all day and I got several extra snuggles last night. 

For me, being able to focus on her all day was a treat.  Maybe it’s partially the impact of the Virginia Tech shootings this week, but I’ve been treasuring my time with the kids and holding them a little tighter lately.  Having a special day with my daughter seemed incredibly poignant and precious to me yesterday.   

I’ve set a goal of trying to take one of my kids for a “special day” each month, and I’m going to try to fit in some shorter alone time activities with them more often.  They’re wonderful together, but being with them separately helps me appreciate and enjoy them in a new and special way. 


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