More On the War Against VPLs…

An update to my thong post:  I bought my first pair of Spanx the other day.  I got a pair of Spanx “Higher Power” panties in an effort to smooth my mid-section for some low-cut pants. 

Overall I give them a big thumbs up!  They gave gentle support from just under my bra down to the middle of my thighs.  They stayed in place with no roll down from the top or ride up from the bottom.  They were pretty comfortable, even though I normally can’t stand any pressure on my stomach. 

The coolest/strangest thing was their gusset crotch that lets you urinate without taking off your Spanx.  It felt incredibly weird – like peeing with your clothes on – but it actually worked with no mess.  What a great idea; obviously these were designed by a woman! 

At $34 the Higher Power panties aren’t cheap, and they’re cumbersome enough that I wouldn’t want to wear and wash them every day, but they’re a great solution for a special occasion outfit.   

I also tried the Spanx trouser socks.  They were excellent too, though not necessarily worth the added cost ($10-12).  I am, however, intrigued by their reversible, two-colored trouser socks.  Those might be worth the additional investment. 

You can order Higher Power panties and trouser socks from or get them for the same price in the Nordstrom hosiery section.   


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