Summer Tips: Swimsuits, Razor Bumps, and Sunscreen

Here are a few tips to celebrate the start of summer. 

1) Land’s End has “slenderizing” swimsuits designed to make you look a size smaller.  I went with the “Control Separates Swim Mini” since I need some extra help this year, only six months after my third C-section.  The “Hi-neck Slender Swimsuit” did a good job on my mid-section, but the solid color didn’t do enough to camouflage.   

Sears has a Land’s End section in their retail stores.  They have several suits, but not all the styles and colors that I wanted.  If you don’t find what you want there you can order at the Land’s End kiosk in the Sears store to avoid shipping charges.   

2)  Use Tend Skin lotion to prevent razor bumps.  My OB/GYN recommended this to me, and it really works (if you remember to use it.)  Use it at least once a day and you won’t get ingrown hairs.  You can find it online, at Sephora, or at high-end spas. 

3) I highly recommend continuous spray sunscreen.  I prefer the transparent, no-rubbing-required kind; the lotion kind requires rubbing and can be drippy.  Wal-mart has the best deals; you can find it for under $7.  My kids have very fair skin, so the continuous spray saves me about three minutes per kid per day!

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